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Bad Decisions Marquee

Quality over quantity,
in a classically intimate environment...

Come relish the
hedonistic decadence of
Bad Decisions. 

Bad Decisions is an escort lounge like no other, wrapped in the retro elegance of the 1920s. Our carefully selected staff of professional pleasure providers have skills far beyond moaning. With plenty of experience in text-based roleplay, our ladies can stimulate the senses with a well crafted sentence and transport you to the heights of ecstasy. We also offer a wide range of sensory play options, from gentle feathers, tingling e-stim shocks, and chilling ice to the hearty thwack of impact play.









Macro >6m

Straight Arrows


All Genders

All Colors


Vanilla Degenerates

Kinky Fuckers

Twisted Deviants

Adult Themes

Text RP

Voice RP



Dirty Talk

Public Sex w/Staff

Private Sex w/Staff

Underage / Children




Free Sex

Dead Dolls


Rest for the Wicked


Pay to join?

We charge a membership fee as a form of vetting our members. When you visit the lounge, you can be assured that any other guests are as serious about relaxing and enjoying the erotic delights of our ladies as you are. The membership fee is refunded to you in your membership pack as a 3k token that you can use towards any services. Simply browse our menus or rate cards and give the token to the lady of your choice to redeem it. It's that easy.

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Bad Decisions can be enjoyed perfectly fine as a normal member, but you can choose to show your support to our devious little corner of the grid through upgrades. Upgrades are valid for 30 days and offer access to a variety of perks such as complimentary cuddles, extra time on Lovense Control, an exclusive BaDbits (miepon) machine, Silver & Gold Tokens, and special bonuses on our event menus! Submissives have their own form of upgrade with SUBscriptions, which cater to the D/s dynamic.

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Escalations are something we do with our Lovense stageside services. Every Bad Decision gets onstage with one Lovense toy, but once certain benchmarks are met, more toys are added. When her tip total between both tipjars is at L$15,000, a second Lovense toy is added. Once they pass L$30,000, they can either add a third toy, upgrade their secondary toy to something more dangerous (eg. remove Lush, add Nora), or offer something extra like a spank for every L$1,000 tipped.

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